Dynamic rich media ads using Weather Targeting

Dynamic Ads Weather Targeting

Ads Interactive has always prided itself on providing cutting-edge advertising technologies to its clients to ensure maximum efficiency in their campaigns. In line with this approach, we are introducing our latest feature: Dynamics Ads Weather Targeting.

Dynamically changing rich media ads using Weather Targeting

What Does Weather Targeting Do?

Weather targeting offers dynamic ads based on the weather forecast using a selection of more than 40 weather indicators from AccuWeather, including temperature, cloud density, or precipitation. This ensures that the right ads are shown at the right time and in the right circumstances for the audience – greatly improving efficiency!

Weather Targeting can be implemented in both classic display and modern programmatic campaigns without restrictions, so whether you are using anchor ads, sticky video, or iconic video formats, it will always be integrateable into your campaign.

How It Works

It is simple: you set the parameters, and we set the campaigns. For example, if your product is a pair of designer sunglasses, you might not want to run ads during overcast or rainy days. However, if you also sell umbrellas, we can make it so that it alternates between the two based on the hourly local forecast provided by AccuWeather. This way you can be assured that your ads are always shown during the most relevant circumstances.

Why is Ads Interactive’s Weather Targeting feature groundbreaking?

In the era of restricted user data, our weather-specific targeting feature is truly a step ahead: it does not require users to enable location sharing to determine their browsing location and the corresponding weather conditions, putting our solution way ahead of concurrent technologies.

It is important to note though, that this is all done by the books: by leveraging our sophisticated technology, we always ensure user privacy is respected while still delivering relevant weather-based ads.

Try it now and experience the benefits of weather-specific dynamic rich media ads by Ads Interactive!

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