About Ads Interactive

60+ people

60+ people

3 Global Offices

3 Global Offices

10 Years & Counting

10 Years & Counting

1600 Campaigns Yearly

1600 Campaigns Yearly

Our Mission

Our aim is to help you achieve a great advertising performance. To reach this goal we stay flexible and adapt to the needs of the publishers, advertisers and agencies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most publisher-centric company; to build a programmatic ecosystem and platform, where publishers can make the most money from online advertising.

Who we are?

Ads Interactive was born out of a passion for the sales of advertising as well as a belief that it is possible to find a way to make digital advertising more effective for advertisers and publishers.

Out of that passion and strong belief came an outstanding technology solution for Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies.

These days Ads Interactive is a platform for media owners that can compete with the biggest ones in the online market due to its experience, technology and optimization solutions. We believe it is possible to provide a great reading experience for the visitors and display highly efficient ads simultaneously!

Ads Interactive is a global company with offices in New York and Dubai. Our headquarter is in Budapest.

who we are?

Our Story

We started as a two-person team in a small coworking space. 10 years later we are a team of 60 people specialized in different fields of ad monetization. We are a passionate team of many backgrounds with people living and working remotely from 4+ countries.

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Ads Interactive Network Kft. 2636 Tésa, Petőfi utca 16. - Hungary

Ads Interactive FZCO Building A2 IFZA Business Park - Silicon Oasis - Dubai

Ads Interactive Inc. 320 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820 - United States

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