Ads Interactive has become the first Hungarian member of Prebid. Read more about our membership here.

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One award-winning solution for every website!

Our monetization platform helps publishers to increase their revenue with the best single-stack ad solution!

Aided by our first-class Publisher Support Team, it is surprisingly easy to integrate our platform into the vast majority of websites. Among others, we fully support the following content management systems and page builders: WordPress, WIX, Joomla!, Drupal, Squarespace, Laravel, Shopify and of course native php!

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Full-Service Adtech Solution

Full-Service Adtech Solution

Utilize the power of display, video, native, and other customized ad formats across all devices to fit your site and audience.

Quality Demand

Quality Demand

Drive bid competition. Access to 20+ major SSPs and Exchanges including Google AdX, OpenX, Yahoo, and more.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Our platform comes with a data-driven and well-structured dashboard that highlights every important metric, including RPM, CPM, sessions and many more.

Award Winning Ad Formats

Award Winning Ad Formats

Automatically placed unique and efficient ad formats, that are fully compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

Ads Interactive is a platform with high-quality advertisers that
will help you generate more revenue. Get a free revenue estimation now!

Who are we?

Ads Interactive became a Google Certified Partner in 2014. We were the fourteenth company in the world that received this title, and the only Hungarian one which was selected for the program. When Google opted to roll over the Certified AdSense program into the new Google Partner program, Ads Interactive was one of the first Google MCM partners.

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), Ad Manager publishers can earn revenue with the help of Ads Interactive as a third-party provider who can consult, represent, and manage their networks or inventory on their behalf. We have been a reliable Google partner for 10+ years now, this video shows our story under the Grow with Google program:

What does Google say about us?

Plenty of tools to make your site more successful
Criteo Ads

Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform is designed to provide marketers and media owners direct access to commerce audiences across the open internet. By partnering with Ads Interactive through its Reseller Partner Program, many more online players in Hungary gain access to Criteo’s solutions.

A premium platform with premium experiences

Better results and more satisfied readers. Our platform will only display relevant and high-quality ads on your site.

Brand-safe Ads

Brand-safe Ads

Prevent malware and low-quality creatives from appearing on your site with our expert ad quality check.

Higher Viewability

Higher Viewability

Deliver ads that fit your content with maximum viewability!

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Monitor the performance of your content every day with our accurate Analytics software.

Premium Campaigns

Premium Campaigns

The Ads Interactive platform also gives you the ability to run premium programmatic campaigns.

Our Premium Demand Partners

The Ads Interactive platform helps you to access the best demand partners in the industry.

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Stop guessing what readers want - start discovering and delivering. Our platform will help you to identify your most valuable content.
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A single–stack ad management service for
the most forward-thinking publishers.


Multifunctional Ad Tag

Cross-Screen Ad Layout

Rich Media Formats

Lazy load

Banner smart reload

Core Web Vitals essentials

Adblock recovery

Video Technology

Header Bidding Wrapper

Adapter Integration

Adapter Updates

Easy Wrapper Set-Up

Wrapper version updates

Ad Server

Ad Server Set-up

Ad Exchange Operation

Open Bidding

Header Bidding Integration

Direct Sales Campaign Management

Core Web Vitals essentials

Value CPM

Audience Management


Initial Set-Up

Inventory Configuration

Inventory valuation

Floor Pricing


Holistic campaign and inventory approach

Ad mediation

Private Programmatic

Deal Set-up

Inventory Configuration

Inventory valuation

Privat Marketplace Management

Programmatic Guaranteed Management

Programmatic Preferred Deal Management

We ensure quality. Our platform provides reliable and appropriate ads for visitors and satisfies the expectations of both publishers and advertisers.

ADS.TXT implementation

We are committed to ensuring that our supply partners are not able to monetize unauthorized inventories. We have developed a technology that can automate the reading of a site's file and filter out unauthorized inventory.

Financial stability

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Engaging in business relationships with ethical companies is among the growing priorities of corporations today - based on Dun & Bradstreet Risk Analytics - Ads Interactive has been awarded the prestigious AAA(triple A) certification.


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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets the digital advertising industry standards with ad quality metrics for stakeholders in the ad supply chain. Ads Interactive is proud member of IAB.

Brand safety is one of our main concerns, we are committed to providing a safe and protected inventory for our advertisers.

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Used by the world's most trusted publishers!

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