Ad monetization: Ad Manager vs. Adsense

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In this post we’ll help you pick the platform that is the most appropriate to your needs.

The best monetization platform for publishers depends on the type of content they are publishing, the size of their audience, and their goals. 

Ad Manager is better for publishers with larger audiences and more specific content, as it has more customization options and provides greater control over the ads that are displayed. It also has several features that can help them maximize their revenue, such as ad optimization, A/B testing and dynamic ad targeting. 

AdSense is better for smaller publishers with more generic content. It’s easier to use and requires less setup time. It also provides some basic optimization features, such as frequency capping, but lacks the more advanced features of Ad Manager.

This answer on the support page of Google compares every main feature of the two platforms, and this comparison video from the Google Ad Manager team can also help you to choose between them:  

Ultimately, the best monetization platform for publishers depends on their needs and goals. Both AdSense and Ad Manager have some advantages, so it’s important to carefully consider which one is the best for your specific situation.

If you’re still uncertain, let’s get in touch and our experts will help you find the best tools to monetize your content!

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