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Maximizing Blog Monetization: Unleashing the Potential of Ads Interactive

While you may already be using AdSense or another web monetization platform, it’s worth exploring other options to fully leverage your blog’s earning potential.

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Powering Up SEO: Why Online Publishers Must Prioritize Search Engine Optimization

The world of online publishing is a vast and ever-changing landscape, and one of the key drivers of success in this industry is search engine optimization (SEO). As an online publisher, you rely on traffic to your website to generate […]

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Why is Website Health Check Vital for Publishers and Monetization Platforms?

Ad monetization platforms typically perform health checks to evaluate the quality of websites or publishers. A website health check can include factors such as ad viewability, ad fraud detection, page speed, mobile responsiveness, compliance with ad policies, and overall user […]

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Decoding Publisher RPM: Why It Matters and How to Understand It

In the world of online advertising, publisher RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) is a key metric used by publishers to measure the revenue generated by their website traffic.

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Real AdSense Alternatives for Small Websites

Today’s digital technology makes it more crucial than ever to monetize a website in order to make money.

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The Significance of Viewability for Publishers: Understanding and Emphasizing its Importance

If an ad is not viewable, it is unlikely to have any impact on the viewer.

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Enhancing User Experience: Tips for Providing the Best Reading Experience

The visitors will stay longer on your site if you can provide a positive user experience for them. To achieve this, these are the most important areas that you should pay attention to.

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Where to place ads on your website?

We collected the most useful areas to display ads on your site, and the ad sizes that the majority of the advertisers prefer.

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The Importance of an Effective Inventory Structure for Publishers: Enhancing Performance and Revenue

The proper planning of the ad inventory structure helps publishers to control the number of ads they are running and ensure that the right ads are being served in the right places. 

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Exploring the Different Types of Creatives in Google Ad Manager

We’ll take a look at the different kinds of creatives that you can use in Ad Manager and give a few tips about applying them.

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