How to Improve Ad Impression Share?

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Wondering whether the ads on your page are performing as well as they can? We will reveal some of our proven tips you can start using today to improve ad impression share and increase your revenue.

Higher ad impression share with video

We cannot emphasize enough: add videos to all your posts!

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Video creation is a child’s play with easy-to-use apps that you can download in minutes and the time invested is well worth the money.

How many images should I use in a post?

To get the most out of the images in your posts, use vertical images and add a link between the images and the text. Provide as many custom images (which add value) as you can.

Increase font size – and increase SEO and RPM at the same time

Increase your ad performance with increased font size and line height. We recommend size 18 for font size and a setting of 1.6 for line height. Larger is better, but don’t go too big – we don’t recommend fonts larger than 22 pixels.

Word count: Why more is more in terms of search engine optimization and revenue

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Every word counts

There are several benefits to increasing the number of words. Not only provides more opportunities for ad impression share, but it also increases your chances of being found by search engines. Make sure your posts have quality content and useful information for your readers.

Dynamic Zone Assignment: Place your ads where your readers are!

You couldn’t be in a better place than at Ads interactive, where our latest development, Dynamic Zone Assignment, does the job for you. It displays the ads where your readers are on the page. This keeps the viewabilty value of each ad zone high and increases up to 150-200% in eCPM.

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Starring: The User

You do not need to take all these steps at the same time. Add a video to your top performing posts first. Take 20 minutes a day to optimize your most valuable content. Go step by step and watch your site perform better and better!

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