Google PageSpeed Insights – now in our Publisher User Interface!


Having rolled out our brand new Publisher User Interface update just a few weeks back, we are already adding new features to help publishers get a professional yet user-friendly way to analyze their website’s performance:

Introducing Seamless Google PageSpeed Insights Integration in Our Publisher User Interface

View your website’s performance alongside Google PageSpeed Insights data in our integrated publisher interface. This feature simplifies your workflow and enhances decision-making by allowing you to compare historical data and continuously optimize your website.

Why is it useful?

Evaluate your website’s performance, pinpoint improvements, and make data-driven decisions within our publisher dashboard. Historical data comparison helps track the impact of changes over time.

Seamless Integration

Get a complete performance picture without switching platforms. Save time, reduce complexity, and focus on enhancing user experience and boosting ad revenue.

Historical Data Comparison

Our PUI stores the integrated Google PageSpeed Insights results, allowing easy comparison of historical data. This helps identify the effects of technical changes on your site’s performance, such as improvements made to speed up your website.

Actionable Insights

Our integrated publisher interface provides actionable insights to optimize images, reduce server response times, and eliminate render-blocking resources, ensuring meaningful site improvements.

Try it now and experience streamlined performance analysis and optimization with Google PageSpeed Insights in our Publisher User Interface!

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