Ads Interactive: What makes us different?

Who are we?

Ads Interactive Media Group offers a full range of digital services to media owners and publishers since 2011. In 2014, Ads Interactive was the 14th worldwide to become a Google AdSense Certified Partner. We are affiliated with all major media agencies and major advertisers.

What do we do?

  • Custom-developed banner spaces
  • Ad zone optimisation for mobile and desktop
  • Development of new, unique zones (eg text link, native, etc.)
  • Consent management
  • Access to advertiser networks, major agencies
  • Ad control and filtering
  • Excellent customer service

What do we provide?

  • Enterprise level service to publishers of any size
  • Access to premium advertiser networks
  • A unified, all-inclusive waterfall system ensures that the highest-paying ad is always displayed in the media owner’s ad zones.
  • Dynamic ad zone allocation to keep the viewabilty value of each ad zone high, increasing by up to 150-200%
  • With our Content Video product, we help you take advantage of video ads. We also provide content and advertising from 1 hand, 1 system!
  • Publisher User Interface (PUI) partner account, where our customers can continuously track their revenue trends and download statistics and data about their website.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team
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